On our own behalf – cancelled.ch with new claim checking tool

Since the middle of April, the cancelled.ch website has been shining with a new claim checking tool, which allows our customers to check a flight irregularity free of charge and, if necessary, to submit it to our team of jurists. The experience of two years of case processing has been incorporated into the tool. This makes it even easier for people who have been affected by a flight irregularity to have their trip digitally depicted and checked by our experts.


The cancelled.ch claim checking tool is by no means just a digital questionnaire that asks designated questions. The tool is able to respond to answers already given by the user and adapts the follow-up questions accordingly.

Example: Since we usually have to file a lawsuit in a court in flight irregularity cases of the airline Iberia, a scan of the passenger’s passport becomes necessary. If an Iberia flight is entered in the tool, the tool automatically asks the user to upload a scan of his passport. For airlines, with which we usually do not have to file a lawsuit, the tool waives this upload.

Smartphone compatibility

Nowadays, many users use a smartphone or tablet to navigate the internet, even when complex processes are involved, such as e-banking applications or – in our case – depicting an air trip. For this reason, the new tool is compatible with all smartphones and tablets and also presents the individual questions in an attractive way:

Further application possibilities

Close cooperation with cancelled.ch’s IT partner ensured that the numerous hurdles that have to be overcome in the area of passenger rights were taken into consideration and could therefore be directly incorporated into the development and programming. In the event of a need for adaptation, for example as a result of customer feedback or because circumstances change (e.g. new court decisions), cancelled.ch is also able to react very quickly and flexibly and to initiate desired changes.

The technology behind the new tool can of course also be used for other applications. Almost every conceivable form, simple as well as complex, can be realised with the software and the collected know-how. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us (contact form).

cancelled.ch Claim Checking Tool

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