We are a Swiss legal services company which helps passengers to obtain their rights. Many passengers tell us that airlines do not want to pay them compensation payments. Either they are put off with excuses or they are not answered at all. We want to remedy this situation and this imbalance between passenger and airline.

On the one hand, we offer you a claims verification tool which determines whether a flight irregularity falls within the legal scope of the EU Air Passenger Rights Regulation. If a case is eligible, our jurists then check the specific background before contacting the airline in question. Depending on the specific circumstances, an out-of-court or judicial attempt is made to enforce the claim. If the claim is successful, we retain between 30 and 40% (incl. VAT) of the amount obtained, the rest will be paid to you. If we are unsuccessful, our efforts will cost you nothing – so we bear the cost and risk. If you have a Swiss legal protection insurance, it will pay the commission mentioned above and, if successful, you will receive 100% of the sum obtained (assuming appropriate insurance coverage).

On the other hand, we are committed to strengthening consumer rights in air travel. The cancelled.ch team is constantly looking at where Swiss air passengers do not have sufficient protection or are confronted with grievances. The results are regularly published in regional and national newspapers and broadcast on radio stations. We are convinced that our informational work increases the pressure on players in the aviation business and that consumers can better avoid unwanted situations by increasing their knowledge. In addition, we pass on our know-how and our results, together with concrete suggestions for improvement, to the National Councils of various parties. In this way, we would also like to raise awareness of consumer concerns in passenger law in parliament and promote future improvements in passenger rights.

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