FAQ – frequently asked questions

Why cancelled.ch?

Cancelled.ch helps to enforce compensation rights for flight cancellations and delays that fall within the rules of EU Passenger Rights Regulation 261/04 (which also applies in Switzerland).
We help you to enforce such claims against airlines in a time-saving, stress-free, and bureaucratic way. Although many airlines are known for the creative means of avoiding customer compensation payments.
Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our lawyers, the chances of obtaining the rights you deserve are much better.

What makes cancelled.ch different from the competition?

As the first Swiss company of its kind, customer friendliness, transparency, and a very good price-performance ratio are our top priorities.
If we were able to successfully assert your claim out of court with the respective airline, we will receive 30% (excl. VAT) of your asserted compensation amount. In case of legal enforcement, the commission is 40% (excl. VAT). Beyond that no further fees, expenses and the like are due.
Speaking of which, if we don’t succeed, don’t pay anything.

How much does the cancelled service cost?

First of all, we work on a success basis. This means that you do not bear the cost risk. This distinguishes us from lawyers, who always charge a fee irrespective of the outcome (cf. Art. 12 Lawyers Act, BGFA).
If our extrajudicial activity does not lead to success, we can seek a judicial solution.

How is the amount of your compensation payment calculated?

EUR 250 Compensation per person for a flight cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours with a flight distance of up to 1’500 km
EUR 400 Compensation per person for a flight cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours with a flight distance of more than 1’500 km but less than 3’500 km
EUR 600 Compensation per person for a flight cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours with a flight distance of more than 3’500 km

What is the process from visiting the website to receiving the compensation payment?

Wie lange kann ich meine Ansprüche geltend machen?

A flight irregularity (cancellation, delay, denied boarding) may be claimed up to a maximum of two years after the date of the flight.

Are there any cases in which the airlines do not owe any compensation?

Yes, this is the case if the flight irregularity is due to an event not within the control of the airline, such as turbulent weather, strike, war, an act of terrorism, etc.
In general, the airline is only obliged to make a compensation payment if the departure airport is in the EU (+ Switzerland, Norway, or Iceland) or if the destination airport is in the EU (+ Switzerland, Norway, or Iceland) and the airline is headquartered in one of these countries. In the case of delayed flights, moreover, the departure or arrival airport must be located in an EU country (excluding Switzerland, Norway, Iceland).
Our automated claim form will let you know quickly and easily whether your flight could be eligible.

My flight was booked through a tour operator, e.g. in the context of a package offer. Can I still claim compensation?

Yes, the EU Passenger Rights Regulation does not differentiate between individual and package travellers.

How long will it take for the compensation payment to arrive?

This depends strongly on the airline and its willingness to cooperate. Therefore, precise information is unfortunately not possible. Please note that due to the legal nature of your compensation claim and the associated legal issues, the process to enforce your right may take several months.
Based on the experience already gained with the judicial and extrajudicial enforcement of air passenger rights claims, an average compensation payment from the airline can only be expected after three months. In the case of international legal disputes and the appointment of lawyers, enforcement can even take more than a year.

What is a proxy, and what is it needed for?

To prevent anyone from reporting to the airline on your behalf and illegally claiming your compensation payments, airlines require a personally signed power of attorney. This document confirms that we may enforce your claim with your consent.
Therefore we will send you a power of attorney by email or post for signature after sending the claim check form. Depending on the delivery, you can return it to us with the pre-franked envelope or by email.

What is a booking confirmation, and where can I find it?

The booking confirmation is the document you received after booking your flight with the airline. Most often, this comes in the form of an e-ticket and is delivered to you by the airline or the travel agency.
You should, therefore, find your booking confirmation in your inbox. If you are worried that you have deleted this email, look in your inbox and trash for the name of the airline or tour operator. Review all emails. The email with the booking confirmation should have the following content:
  1. The date of the flight and the time of departure
  2. Your name and the name of any other passengers you booked the flight for (should several people have flown)
  3. The booking reference

What is a booking reference, and where can I find it?

This reference will be communicated to you by the airline after booking the ticket and will appear on your electronic ticket (e-ticket) / booking confirmation. This number helps the airline find and process your claim. Look for a six-digit alphanumeric code. Some airlines refer to this number as a PNR or confirmation number.