Procedure for claims processing

  • Day 1
    You fill out the claim check form on the page.
  • approx. day 7
    the legal experts of examine the case comprehensively, the exact flight data are manually researched and checked whether the claim fulfils the legal conditions
  • approx. day 14 – 16 sends you a power of attorney to sign, with which you grant the right to act on your behalf
  • approx. day 18 – 24
    You sign the power of attorney and send it back to
  • approx. day 25 – 35
    after receipt of the power of attorney claims the compensation payments from the respective airline

    • According to the FOCA (BAZL), the airline has 6 weeks to make a first statement.
  • approx. day 80
    the airline sends an answer to your case

    • the answer from the airline is positive:
      • approx. day 90
        the airline settles the claim and sends the entire amount to
      • approx. day 100 forwards the amount to you after deduction of the 25% success commission
    • the answer from the airline is negative:
      • approx. day 85 undertakes further out-of-court interventions
      • approx. day 120+
        if necessary tries to enforce your claim in a court of law
Money from legal expenses insurance

If you have legal expenses insurance with one of our partners listed below, you will receive a refund of the commission deducted, subject to appropriate coverage:

If you have not taken out legal protection or travel insurance, we recommend that you take out such a policy so that in future cases our expenses (success commission) will be borne by the insurance company and you will receive 100% of the compensation payment.

What distinguishes from other providers?

As the first Swiss company of this kind, customer friendliness, transparency and an excellent price-performance ratio are our top priorities. We have specialised in the legal peculiarities in Switzerland and are also striving to improve passenger rights in Switzerland beyond our portal.

In our Air-Blog we continuously inform our customers and interested parties about our efforts in consumer law as well as about the legal problems we are confronted with on a daily basis.