Flight shame? Protecting the environment with airline money and offsetting up to 14 tons of CO2

Flight shame? Protecting the environment with airline money? Our jurists will be happy to help you offset up to 14 tons of CO2.

Have you had a cancelled or delayed flight in the last two years and want to do something good to the environment? Depending on the flight distance, our jurists can obtain up to EUR 600 per passenger. Assuming you would then invest this money in offsetting CO2, up to 14,000 kg of CO2 could be offset (according to the Austrian Federal Environment Agency).

The following example shows how much this is.

14’000 kg CO2 correspond (all points added up!) …

  • … two flights from Zurich to New York,
  • … 8 flights from Zurich to Vienna,
  • … 50 train journeys from Zurich to Lugano,
  • … heating a 70 m2 apartment for one year,
  • … the operation of an average car during a whole year (12’000 km),
  • …the order of 1000 Zalando packages,
  • … the keeping of a dog and a cat during one year,
  • … the production of 100 kg of beef and 1000 avocados.

Here you can check whether your flight is eligible. Our jurists will check the background of your flight irregularity free of charge. If you then entrust us with the enforcement of any compensation rights, 20% of the amount obtained will go to us, 80% to you.* In case we are not successful, our service will cost you nothing. If you have legal expenses insurance, in most cases 100% of the amount will go to you.

The CO2 produced by air travel can be offset, for example, on one of the following two platforms:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


* If a judicial enforcement is necessary, 40% will go to cancelled.ch and 60% to you in case of success.

** Beitragsbild: Reise Foto erstellt von freepik – de.freepik.com

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