Dog receives compensation payment according to EU passenger rights regulation

For a considerable time now, air travellers in Europe have been receiving flat-rate compensation of between EUR 250 and EUR 600 (depending on the flight distance) in the event of cancellations and long delays. And this even if the airline has already paid for an alternative flight, for a hotel, etc. The flat-rate compensation payment effectively compensates for the inconvenience suffered (e.g. lost holiday).

Dog Jack, a Jack Russell Terrier, would also have been a passenger on a flight from Palermo to Lampedusa, which was cancelled due to technical defects. Jack would have travelled in the cabin and had a valid, paid ticket. These are the only requirements that are imposed on the concept of the passenger in order to benefit from the rights mentioned above. So, adults, children – and as we now know – dogs are equally covered by the definition of a passenger.

The airline which had to pay the comepnsation in this case was Danish Air Transport, which is now complaining about the Passenger Rights Regulation. therefore wishes to point out that, even if all claims under the Passenger Rights Regulation were paid out, this would amount to less than one euro per ticket. Moreover, since all airlines are equally required to pay for flights within Europe, the only question is whether these consumer protection measures have been budgeted accordingly.

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